5SK Programme

5sk programme EOGA Golf Academy

5sk programme with EOGA Golf AcademyThis internationally recognised programme is aimed at all serious young golfers. The outcome is that the junior will learn the 5 Simple Swing Keys that is commonly used by all the world’s best golfers. This programme is the most effective way to improve at the game of golf. More keys = lower handicaps.

The 5 Simple Keys

Key 1 - Steady Head - the head should be “steady”, meaning less need for perfect timing, resulting in more precise ball striking.
Key 2 - Weight Forward - The golfer should have a great majority of their weight forward at impact.
Key 3 - Flat Left Wrist - The left wrist (lead wrist) should be “flat” at impact allowing for the club shaft and left arm to be in line during the time of impact.
Key 4 - Diagonal Sweetspot Path - the Sweetspot Path is defined by the inclined plane we play the game on. It is NOT a straight back and straight through path, in the same way it is not a vertical plane that we play the game on.
Key 5 - Clubface Control - Controlling the clubface with regards to the LAWS that govern how the ball flies.

Earning the Keys!

This programme is measurable! Once a month (or when ready), the young golfer has a “Key Exam” and if passed, the key for that discipline is earned to hang from the golf bag, as well as the matching coloured golf cap, awarded.
To pass the golfer will need to both exhibit knowledge of the Key and demonstrate that Key properly in a full swing and assigned drills, whilst hitting a golf ball.

The Programme

    • 2 hours a week supervised practice
    • Free annual membership to the WPGA
    • 5 SK Student Manual
    • Regular assessments
    • Includes keys, caps and reward balls
    • Regular drills and videos via our dedicated 5SK Facebook Page

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