mySwing technology

MySwing Pro is a state of the art, 3D system that analyses and stores full-body motion capture. It is used by Professional Golf coaches for precise screens and better teaching.

The easy wireless capture system allows for effortless full body indoor or outdoor 3D motion capture. The data on your golf swing (angle, velocity and speed) is then collected and stored in “MyLocker”.

This technology allows the Professional Golf Coach to track the progress of the student and assists in further learning after coaching.

The old saying of “practice makes perfect” can easily be proved by using the MySwing technology.

Here at EOGA we make use of this technology to track and help improve our students’ game.

EOGA opens an Edu-File for every student and record and upload lessons to the student’s Edu-Locker to allow the student and coach to track the student’s progress. The student can then also see where to improve and assists in long term learning for all EOGA students after coaching.