We’re running a short series of articles designed to help you sink more of your Putts in the 10 – 20 foot range.
We want you to be more accurate in your “read” of these Putts.

A question for you on these ‘shorter long Putts’ (10 – 20 feet); do you generally over-borrow,
leaving yourself above the hole, or do you under-borrow, leaving yourself below the hole?

Most amateurs under-borrow and leave the ball on the low side. If this ball brushed the low side of the hole,
it would have no chance of dropping in. It’s simple physics.
Whereas a ball brushing the high side has a chance of toppling down, into the hole.

Professional golfers rarely miss on the low side of the hole. They know a slowing Putt, brushing the hole on the high side,
has a much better chance of toppling down into the hole.

What percentage of these Putts do you sink? Is it never to very rarely? When coaching golfers, we find,
along with a suspect and inconsistent Putting stroke, they often struggle to read the break, and then
don’t seem to either identify their “aim point” or, if they do, they still aim under that.
Learn the correct process and sink more of these Putts.