If you’ve got some time for practice, but you’re not working on a specific movement or improvement,
then don’t run up and down the nag, or hit 50 shots with the same club. Play the course.  

Replicate your experience on your regular course.
You play different clubs, one after the other.

Very rarely will you use the same club (excluding the Putter) twice in a row.

So practise real conditions.

If the 1st at your course is a 390 metre Par 4 you would hit the Driver.
Hit a Driver and estimate, in your mind, where you would land.

From there, which club would you take next? A #6 Iron approach.
Then that’s what you hit at a target.

Made the green? If you didn’t, what is it? A short 30 metre pitch?
Then that’s your shot.

Skip the putting and sand shots, but you get the picture. Every shot has an intent.
Finding the fairway, hitting the green etc. Give yourself a number of putts according to
how close to the target your final shot was to its target, and keep score.
And if you have a query about this, then please