Come on, let’s make a difference. Let’s use the next 8 weeks to create a better golf swing
for the spring and summer. If we can do that, golf from September will become heaps more fun,
never mind the better scorecard.

The swing itself involves both the upper and lower body with rotation and weight transfer.
So what keeps these two parts connected, working together, participating together to
create maximum power and consistency? Your core muscles.

Everyone knows the exercise below. It’s good for the core. But there are a number of exercises that
will develop both core and balance. That’s a fundamental partnership. The better they work together,
the more easily you’ll manage the golf swing.

We want you to commit to improving your golf fitness over the next 8 weeks.
We’ve got specialist trainers who can help you build a simple,
or more involved programme. Hitting better golf shots, changing your life. All by September.
It’s an investment in time worth making.