Beginners School

Beginners School EOGA Golf Academy

After completion of this 6 hour programme you will have a clear understanding of the game and feel comfortable to practice on your own.

EOGA Golf Academy Beginners SchoolIntroduction to Golf and Putting

  • “What’s in the bag?”
  • Golf course: What’s on the course and how do we play
  • General etiquette: Who plays first and etiquette around the greens
  • Putting Grip and Posture and Putting Drills
  • Importance of the shoulder movement 

Putting re-cap and Introduction to Chipping

  • Putting Re-cap – Grip, Posture and Alignment
  • Putting Drills – Distance Control and Reading the Greens
  • Chipping – Grip, Posture and Bump & Run 

Chipping re-cap and the Importance of Angle of Attack

  • Chipping Re-cap – Grip, Posture and Bump & Run
  • Short chip (working with planks and importance of angle of attack)
  • Long Chip 

Chipping re-cap and Introduction to Pitching

  • Short & Long Chip Re-cap
  • Pitching ( small swing +- 40m) – Grip, Posture, Introduction to rotation 
  • The importance of ball position 

Pitching re-cap & Introduction to the Full Swing

  • Grip, Posture, Rotation and ball position 

Full Swing re-cap & Repetition

  • Full swing work and repetition

You are now ready to go onto the Golf Course with your coach so you can piece all your shots together.

Booking Info:

    • Maximum of 4 students per class
    • Classes as required

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