Beginners to Winners

IMG 1246
IMG 1244The Beginners to Winners monthly programme is aimed at beginners who have had a thorough introduction to the game of golf and wish to take their game to the next level. The aim of the programme is to help our clients move from the driving range onto the golf course for a confident and competent game of golf.

The programme will alternate weekly with on the course instruction and then clinics on our practice facilities.

On-the-course Playing Lesson:

  • Course management
  • Course etiquette
  • Basic rules of golf
  • How to deal with water hazards, out of bounds, GUR and the dropping procedures applicable with these situations.

Clinic on the practice facilities:

  • Specific skills such as driving, putting & chipping
  • Green reading
  • Bunker play
  • Video analysis to understand faults in technique.
  • Effective practice methods and drills will also be discussed.

The Programme:

    • 1 hour per week
    • Group lessons

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